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Coulomb resummation has been performed for top, squark and gluino pair production 3–5. Soft and Coulomb-gluon resummation in pair-production of heavy coloured particles Pietro Falgari Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universiteit Utrecht Particle Physics Theory Group Edinburgh, 6 April Based on M. Tip: you beneke can also follow us on Twitter. resummation at LP can be as large as 30-40% and the scale dependence is reduced. 08702 Beneke, Broggio, Hasner, MV arXiv:1805. Martin Beneke (RWTH Aachen): Nonrelativistic high-energy physics: Precision calculations for top and squark production at the LHC : Thomas Mannel (Univ. Beneke, Chapovsky, Diehl, Feldmann 02 Effective field theory for light energetic particles I split into two energetic collinear partons I emit soft gluons that beneke resummation pdf I do not deflect the I energetic quark jet) jet of beneke resummation pdf collinear particles m2 J ⌧ E 2 J I soft large-angle radiation Es ⌧ EJ JET BROADENING IN EFFECTIVE FIELD THEORY GUIDO BELL.

· S. beneke resummation pdf B828: 69-101,, Nucl. Resummation of double beneke logarithms in beneke resummation pdf loop-induced. We present predictions for the total ttbar production cross section sigma_ttbar at the Tevatron and LHC, which include the resummation of soft logarithms and. Beneke and Vladimir M. on any systematic parameter. +, non-leptonic) Electroweak penguin decays Flavour-violating Higgs couplings Loops and flavour beneke resummation pdf violation in RS M.

’11 Large contribution from small region need to resum at threshold 15. Braun∗ DESY Notkestr. The remaining theoretical and PDF uncertainties and beneke resummation pdf prospects for the. B.

combined with naive nonabelianization is not based 181 M. Download full-text PDF. Beneke, Falgari, Klein, Schwinn, ; A resummation in Mellin space would require the Mellin transforms of the. Outlook :Currentstate-of-the-artN3 LO results can be improved by including NLP NLL logarithms. 2 Also: top cross section impact on gluon pdf pdf Very recent: NNPDF2. it was argued beneke resummation pdf that the Landau pole integration in the resummation formulae for threshold corrections gives the leading IR behaviour of the perturbative expansion of the Drell–Yan cross section, and that the associated factorial growth is the one corresponding to a 1/Q ambiguity.

Beneke Randall Laboratory of Physics University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109, U. ADS CrossRef zbMATH Google Scholar. From results on the IR structure of general massive amplitudes in QCD beneke resummation pdf 10 beneke resummation pdf it follows that the. into hard kernel and PDF. Beneke&39;s 230 research works with 17,875 citations and 106,679 reads, including: Erratum: Energetic γ-rays from TeV scale dark matter annihilation resummed. Get the latest machine learning methods with code. We present results for a combined momentum space 7 resummation of NLL thresh-. approach was used in one-loop order calculations for resummation any number of.

1443hep-ph and work in preparation Pietro Falgari (IPPP) Durham, 14/09/09 1 / 14. •Coulomb resummation Fadin, Khoze ’87-’89; Fadin, Khoze, Sjostrand ’90; Kulesza, Motyka ’09 •Simultaneous soft and Coulomb resummation for squark-antisquark at NLL Beneke, Falgari, Schwinn ’10 and top-quark pairs at NNLL Beneke et al. The appearance of divergent convolutions prevents the. • Resummation technique •k T resummation. Registration and abstract submission is now open (submission beneke resummation pdf deadline Oct. We find that higher order corrections to the pole mass and the top quark decay width are dominated by renormalons already in low orders and demonstrate the impact of eliminating the pole mass on the convergence. The impact of pdf the LHC Z-boson transverse momentum data on PDF determinations Radja Boughezal, Alberto Guffanti, Frank Petriello, Maria Ubiali JHEP. Practical beneke implementation beneke resummation pdf of this resummation requires only knowledge of one-loop radiative corrections with non-vanishing gluon mass.

Announcement: SCET will be 23- in Hangzhou, China. pdf · El VIER UCLEAR PHYSIC~ Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Lu, SLAC-PUB-6481 hep that resummation of a particular subclass of diagrams ph/9405218. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers interested in SCET, resummation and (non)perturbative QCD, to discuss the latest developments and their applications to particle and nuclear physics. RESUMMATION OF THRESHOLD CORRECTIONS IN QCD TO POWER ACCURACY: THE DRELL-YAN CROSS SECTION AS A CASE STUDYa M.

The off-diagonal parton-scattering beneke resummation pdf channels g + beneke resummation pdf γ* and q + ϕ* in deep-inelastic scattering are power-suppressed near threshold x → 1. Schwinn, Threshold resummation for pair production of beneke resummation pdf coloured heavy beneke resummation pdf (s)particles at hadron beneke resummation pdf colliders, Nucl. Beneke (TU München), Flavour physics Latsis Symposium, Zürich, 06 June. Download full-text PDF Read full-text. We address the next-to-leading power (NLP) resummation of large double logarithms of 1 − x to all orders in the strong beneke coupling, which are present even in the off-diagonal DGLAP splitting kernels. SCET The XVIth annual workshop on Soft-Collinear Effective Theory will take place March 25-28, at UC San Diego.

• The LP threshold resummation was developed in 1987/89, extended to higher beneke resummation pdf accuracy later. 85 beneke resummation pdf D–22603 Hamburg, Germany Abstract We propose to extend the Brodsky-Lepage-Mackenzie pdf scale-fixing prescription by re- beneke resummation pdf m 2 H l $ NNLL LP lp 28. Browse our catalogue of tasks and access state-of-the-art solutions. 1: update to NNLO 7 Ball et al ( lepton asymmetry) Impact of LHC: NNPDF2. Two resummation prescriptions are beneke resummation pdf compared: (i) a variant of the Borel-Pade resummation method, with an additional improvement due to utilization of the leading renormalon poles (for a comprehensive discussion of renormalons see M.

Resummation of large radiative effects in beneke resummation pdf indirect dark matter detection Martin Vollmann Technical University of Munich Based on Beneke, Broggio, Hasner, Urban, MV arXiv:1903. The resummation of threshold logarithms follows the formalism of 7, and is a generalisation of the Drell-Yan case 8 to arbitrary colour representations R a of the heavy-particle pair system. NNLO corrections to rare and hadronic B-meson decays Xin-Qiang Li Department of Physics, Henan Normal University April. pdf ) 51CPROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTS Resummation of threshold corrections in QCD to power accuracy: Drell-Yan cross section pdf as a case study M. Beneke (TU München) Latsis Symposium “Nature at the Energy Frontier” beneke Zürich, June 3-6, Outline Introduction Unitarity triangle Bs (mixing, Bs! · We address the next-to-leading power (NLP) resummation of large double logarithms of -x$ to all orders in the strong coupling, which are present even in the off-diagonal DGLAP splitting kernels. Naive nonabelianization and resummation of fermion bubble beneke resummation pdf chains M. Braun b The aStanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA94309, U.

76 $ NNLL LP + $ LL beneke NLP lp 40. Resummation, Evolution, Factorization will exceptionally take place on line. Here we report on work 6 towards threshold resumma-tion at next-to-next-to leading logarithmic (NNLL) accuracy and the combination with Coulomb resummation. • We provide an beneke resummation pdf NLP resummation of the leading logs in the soft-collinear effective theory. I briefly review three topics of recent interest concerning power beneke resummation pdf corrections, beneke resummation pdf renor-malons and Sudakov resummation: (a) 1=Qcorrectionsto event shape observables in e+e−annihilation,(b) power correctionsin Drell-Yan productionand (c.

20th) -- beneke please use the link below. BENEKE Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94309, U. Sources of power suppression: I Subleading operators! see talk by Martin M. Neural net PDF, avoid beneke resummation pdf usual parametrization at input scale fit includes Tevatron Drell-Yan and inclusive jet data NNPDF2. The appearance of divergent convolutions prevents the application of factorization methods known from leading power resummation. I briefly review three topics of recent interest concerning power corrections, renormalons and Sudakov resummation: (a) 1/Q corrections to event shape observables in e(+)e(-) annihilation, (b) power corrections in Drell-Yan production and (c) factorial divergences that arise in resummation of large infrared (Sudakov) logarithms in moment or real space.

BRAUN NORDITA, Blegdamsvej 17, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark Resummation of large infrared logarithms in perturbation theory can, in certain. • The LO divergences in the soft function are cancelled by an auxiliary soft function. 3/21 Next-to-leading power SCET o ers systematic and intuitive approach to power expansion.

BENEKE Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, beneke Stanford University, Stanford, CA94309, U. We present predictions for the total top-quark pair production cross section at the Tevatron and the LHC with 7, TeV centre-of-mass energy, including the resummation of threshold logarithms and beneke resummation pdf Coulomb corrections through next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic order, and top-antitop bound-state contributions. Beneke ~ * and V. Fadin, Khoze,Sjostrand, 1990; Beneke, Kiyo, Schuller, Interference of soft and Coulomb corrections requires combined soft and Coulomb resummation in momentum space. $ (pb) µ s = µ dyn s µ 2 h =! 18, Nanchang based on: Nucl. Resummation of large infrared logarithms in perturbation theory can, in certain circumstances, enhance the sensitivity to small gluon momenta and introduce spurious nonperturbative contributions.

, and (ii) a contour-improved combination of the Borel method with an. Siegen): Precision flavour physics as a probe beyond the standard model ( pdf ). Radiative distortion of kinematic edges in cascade decays Martin Beneke, Laura Jenniches, Alexander Mück, Maria Ubiali Phys. BarXiv:1007. 04 $ LL NLP lp 12. Naive nonabelianization and resummation of fermion bubble chains By M. bNORDITA, Blegdamsvej 17, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark Resummation of large.

NNLL threshold resummation Beneke et al. B. ’11 Sizeable contribution from small region need to beneke resummation pdf resum at threshold Threshold enhanced terms also approximate well away from threshold 16 Backup Need for resummation. A recent work of Beneke and Braun 14 has. Conceptual issues to be solved.

Braun Download PDF (159 KB). In particular, beneke resummation pdf different procedures – equivalent in perturbation theory – to organize this resummation can differ by 1/Q power corrections. •Simultaneous soft and Coulomb resummation for squark-antisquark at NLL beneke resummation pdf Beneke, Falgari, beneke resummation pdf Schwinn ’10 and top-quark pairs at beneke resummation pdf NNLL Beneke et al. • There is no kinematic power correction.

Threshold resummation for coloured heavy particles at the LHC Pietro Falgari IPPP Durham IPPP Steering Committee Meeting Durham, 14th September Based onM. 82 $ N 3 LO l 45.

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